A way to heal yourself


Yoga is an opportunity to transform the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is a chance to experience unity and oneness within yourself. And with practice, to experience that oneness with the other living beings on earth, and then with the full universe and beyond. To me, yoga is the ground for sustained change. And even with the other healing modalities I practice, yoga remains my favorite to teach because it empowers others to heal themselves both on mat and in the class, and to call on these practices to continuing that healing practice in their daily lives.

Yoga starts with an exploration of our body. With yoga, we take a moment to stop and feel how our bodies interacts with the space and energy that surrounds and supports us. Take a moment now to start that exploration: Where is your body at this moment? What is touching it? Your clothes, furniture, the brush of a soft breeze.

Yoga invites this deeper exploration of awareness. Each pose creates an opportunity to feel how our arms, our legs, and our whole body is supported on multiple levels. Starting with our own body, the muscles and bones, and then slowly becoming aware of increasingly more subtle support until finally we can feel the invisible atoms vibrating around us to create a hug or encompassing embrace.

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My Yoga Story

Yoga didn't come to me through a class. When I was in elementary school I found my first teacher, a book, complete with 70’s-styled photos, in a used bookstore. It included poses that you’ll never find in an intro class today in the west: lion’s breathe, bandhas, moon in addition to sun salutations. I had these black and white photos and I had an open space to practice in. 

Even as a 10-year-old I could see how yoga supported my growth. Through breath I learned to stay open to constant changes, both in me and in my world. Through meditation I felt myself open up to the love present in each being of the earth, in the trees, in the ground, in the sky and wind. Through the awareness that my practice awoke in me, I was able to see the bravery of everyday people when they stand up for what they believe in.

My yoga classes are geared to supporting each person as they tap into their intrinsic strength and capability to heal themselves, through breathe and tailored movements for each body and mind. My public classes are variety of heated and non-hot flow, focusing on slow transitions, alignment and core strength, as well as a more relaxing practices like restorative and yoga nidra.