Reiki Certification

April 6-7, 2019


Join us for a Reiki certification, levels 1 and 2 to learn how to apply this energy healing to ourselves and others. The location will be in Saugerties, is to be determined, depending on the number of attendees and will be sent to each participant after the payment has been made.

While the timing of the day will depend on the group's specific needs, we expect it to flow as follows:

- 9am-noon: Opening meditation; level one attunement; history of reiki; practicing self healing sessions
- noon to 12:30pm: Lunch with discussion
- 12:30 to 2pm: Partner healing sessions
- 2 to 5pm: Level two attunement; background and practice with Reiki symbols
- 5-5:45: Practice to deepen connection to Reiki (chanting and meditation)
- 5:45 to 6pm: Questions and coordinating evening distance healing session

- 9-10am: Check-in; questions; centering exercise 
- 10-noon: Partner and group healing practice
- noon to 12:30pm: Questions; certification; final Reiki blessing

The fee for the full day is $250 - this includes a nominal fee for take-home study materials.




• Hands-on healing techniques, ranging from self-healing practices, partner work, and distance Reiki healing sessions
• History and overview of Reiki lineage
• Level one and two attunements, with a end-of-weekend certificate

What to Bring

• Yoga mat and layers for comfort
• Comfy clothing, including socks since you'll most likely you'll have to take off shoes at our location
• A pillow to be sitting on or if we lay down for your head, optional

• Guided meditations to deepen your healing journey, including connecting with your healing guide and grounding your own energy
• A community of like-minded people dedicated to encouraging each person to enact their vision

• Notebook and pen
• Reusable water bottle and/or coffee or tea mug
• Lunch 



Lunch and all materials are included. If you have a favorite, please feel free to bring a yoga mat and meditation cushion.

Not included in the cost is lunch and any desired snacks throughout the weekend.


All trainings are non-refundable after 24-hours of booking.